SSGroup Performance

30exWith over 30 years of experiences in challenging and competitive construction service provider business , SS group Thailand co.,Ltd. has extend our offshoots to larger the ability to provide ideal products and services. For all these years, we have provided our services based on high business integrity, honesty and responsible for both our clients and partners, through many difficult situations and everyday encounter.

Besides the proficient management we continue to carry, SS group Thailand Co.,Ltd. complete our service excellency with team of helpful expertise e.g. engineers, architects, skilled men and office staffs, which are in favour to assist and provide services with their service mind in nature.

Our philosophy

Optimum one stop
construction service provider.

Goals & values

SS group Thailand Co.,Ltd. has impeccable achievement in 15 housing development, commercial development, townhome and condominium projects. We are equitable to be Thailand top construction service provider, yet maintain optimum and courteous services, operated by talented management team.

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