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Goeate / Gaozhu ASA-UPVC anti-corrosive composite roof tile adopts Europe advanced four extrusion (ABCB) technology, using ASA high weather resistant engineering plastic and PVC (polyvinyl chloride resin) as main material, mixing anti-UV agent and other expensive chemical additives.
The surface material (A layer): ASA high weather resistant engineering plastic, which ensures surface color will not fade in 10 years.

The middle material (C layer): Lightproof modified PVC (polyvinyl chloride resin), with superb rigidity and toughness, which block out sunlight and ensures strength and rigidity.
The sub-layer material (B layer): White, tough and durable material, which can increase sense of space and brightness for buildings.


ชื่อสินค้า : ASA-UPVC ROOF TILE

หมายเลขรุ่นสินค้า : ASA-UPVC00

ขนาด Width : 1.13 m

คุณสมบัติ :

ราคา : 11.00 – 12.00 USD

รายละเอียดอื่นๆ :

Width (m) Thickness (mm) Color Price
1.13 2 White 11.70
1.13 2 Orange 11.70
1.13 2 Blue 11.40
1.13 2 Brick Red 11.70



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